The Ultimate Guide to Ceramic Cat Water Fountains: Keeping Your Feline Friend Hydrated in Style


One of the most known reasons cats get sick is their discrimination in drinking water. Cats usually prefer running water over stagnant water coming from any sources. To accomplish this demand and make sure that your cat always stays well hydrated, you can consider to install a ceramic cat water fountain at your home as a nice choice. In this article, we will introduce the advantages of the ceramic cat water fountains. Moreover, we will describe how to select the ceramic cat water fountain that can meet the need of our cat. In addition, we will teach the best methods about how we need to implement for maintaining cat water fountain.

Benefits of Ceramic Cat Water Fountains

Stylish Design: Ceramic cat fountain take not only the function but also the sense of beauty into account. Join our weekly newsletter to receive a couple of marketing tips and many more useful articles for business growth. They can fit into any given space - thus making them a perfect accent anywhere in the house.

Encourages Hydration: The lamination motion of water in a ceramic fountain brings cats closeby and inspires them to drink more which in turn offers improved hydration and possibly lowering risk of urinary tract problems.

Filters Impurities: Lots of ceramic cat water fountains are designed in a way that they incorporate the filters that will let the water pass in the best quality making it 100% fresh and pure constantly.

Reduces Bacteria Growth: While plastics can shelter bacteria, ceramics may offer a cleaner drinking water source thereby ensuring a healthier selection for your cat.

Durable and Long-lasting: Ceramic, in this case, is a long-lasting material that stands up to hectic everyday use and is less likely to get scratched and damaged like other materials.

Choosing the Right Ceramic Cat Water Fountain

Size and Capacity: As for the size of your cat, take it into account as well as the volume of water it drinks daily to choose a correct fountain. For cats with large paws such as a jungle cat or a solid cat shelter two or more cats, the fountain bowl should be spacious enough to take that.

Noise Level: The noise produced at the fountain may be the consideration point if your cat is high reactivity with sounds. Consider cols with low-volume mechanisms to prevent noise shock.

Ease of Cleaning: For your consideration select a fountain which can be separated to clean. Keep in mind that regular and proper cleaning is required to compress bacterial growth.


A cat ceramic water fountain is a stylish and practical way to ensure your cat stays hydrated and healthy. By choosing the right fountain, practicing regular maintenance, and monitoring your cat's water intake, you can provide your feline companion with a continuous supply of fresh, clean water.

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