A Step-by-Step Guide to Write an Argumentative Essay on Social Media

On average, people spend about 2 hours and 23 minutes each day scrolling through their social media feeds and connecting with friends online. So, social media sure has become a big part of our daily lives creating the need of the hour to write about it in our academics. As a student, you often get to write an argumentative essay on social media, as it is one of the best ways to check a student’s communication skills.

We all are aware of the influence of social media in our lives. But did you know that over half of the world's population is on social media? That's a whopping 5.04 billion people, according to the Smart Insights report for 2024! And in just the past year, 266 million new users have joined the social media club.

Social media is all about creating fantasies, debates, controversies, and relationships between users. Teachers mostly assign such essays to check the individual point of view of a student about a certain argument. However, the problem is that most of the students lack certain skills to excel in such essays through exceptional writing. So, they take advantage of essay writing services and get their excellently created customised essays from professionals.

Although it is very challenging and equal to climbing a hill to express your ideas through such a medium, don't worry. Here, we will help you with our step-by-step guide to writing this argumentative essay on social media effectively.

Argumentative Essay on Social Media Topics for 2024

We all know that choosing the right topic, especially for argumentative essays is a demanding task in itself. It needs proper dedication towards top trending topics and then choosing the unique and the right one for your own argumentative essay on social media. That’s why, to ease your burden, we have developed some unique and easy essay topics that you can use to write your own essay:

       Social Media Platforms: Good or Bad for Young People?

       Can Twitter Influence Political Views?

       Face-To-Face Interaction Versus Social Media

       How Does Social Media Affect Our Behaviour?

       Are We Becoming More or Less Social Because of Social Media?

       Is Social Media Safe for Kids?

       The Connection Between Text Messaging and Social Media

       Learning New Skills through Social Media

       Social Media Influencers and Their Mental Health Problems

How Do You Write an Argumentative Essay on Social Media?

Wondering how you would write this tough argumentative essay about social media. We understand that you have to cover everything including the advantages and disadvantages of these social networking sites and many more. But do not get afraid as we are here to help and streamline this tough journey for you.

Step 1: Choose a Controversial Topic

Well, it is the first step of your argumentative essay onsocial media, where you have to choose a topic. Your topic should ignite the spark of a debate and discuss it from various angles. You should select a topic of your interest that should also be relatable to current social media trends and problems. You have to present a well-structured essay explaining your convincing argument to the reader. 

In short, you should carefully select a topic that can easily get your reader’s attention and also show your valuable debate. In the above section, we have prescribed some top-notch topic examples that you can use as your own or get an idea from them.

Step 2: Perform Extensive Research

Research is the right way to create some new knowledge and add more data to already existing literature. So, after topic selection, you should focus on the research step before starting to write your argumentative essay on social media. It is the time when you have to search for relatable content, examples, evidence, facts and many other data from the literature. For this purpose, you should choose credible sources to get information, like books, scholarly papers, research articles, news items, and scholarly publications.

You should be careful during this step and only find support as well as some counter-data for your arguments.  We always advise students to make notes and arrange all the sources side by side. It not only saves you time but also helps you to make an organised argumentative essay about social media.

Step 3: Develop a Strong Thesis Statement

The main body starts with creating an argumentative essay on social media thesis statement. It should be clear and concise, and it should clearly show the research questions that you want to discuss. It should also outline your perspective on the subject and serve as a guide for your argument.

Keep in mind that writing the right thesis statement to clarify your position on the matter helps you succeed in your essay. For example, "While social media provides a platform for connectivity and information sharing, its negative impact on mental health is also huge."

Step 4: Outline Your Argument

Before starting writing, you should make a plan by making a detailed outline. It will not only help you to navigate through each step easily but also save a lot of time. A well-structured argument outline acts as a roadmap to lead you through this argumentative essay on social media journey.

In this step, you should mention what you have to cover throughout this essay. For example, a thesis statement should be added at the start and the end of your essay. Next, you should list all the ideas that you want to discuss and clarify in the main body. Also, add some relevant examples and evidence to back up your claims. In the end, summarise everything while supporting your main arguments.

Step 5: Write an Argumentative Essay on Social Media Introduction

So, it’s time to start the writing phase of your essay where you set a compelling opening that establishes the background of your claim. Here, you have to introduce your topic clearly, and you also have to add the thesis statement.

But, your main concern should be to attract the readers by creating an engaging hook. It can be a quote, fact, statement, statistic, or thought-provoking query. You should describe the key ideas you'll discuss in the essay's body.

Step 6: Craft the Body Paragraphs

Your argumentative essay on social media has the middle part which we call body paragraphs. Here, you should outline your major arguments and provide evidence to back them up. Each paragraph should begin with a subject sentence that states the key concept and is followed by examples and evidence to support it.

Also, make sure you properly credit your sources and evaluate the data to show how it relates to your position. Furthermore, to support your perspective, think about addressing and refuting counterarguments here as well.

Step 7: Arguments and Counterarguments

In your argumentative essay, you already have set your argument for which you have provided detailed information. Now it's time to respond to that data and also add some counterarguments presenting a different viewpoint as well. It is one of the best strategies to explain an argumentative essay on social media to explain both its benefits and drawbacks.

So, if you really want to strengthen your arguments, you must use some real-life examples as proof here. You should talk about the possible challenges to your argument and provide some data to back up your claims. It shows that you were a critical thinker and have examined your topic by staying neutral.

Step 8: Write the Conclusion

A compelling conclusion that restates your thesis statement and highlights your key arguments should come at the end of an argumentative essay. At this point, you should avoid adding any new information and instead concentrate on summarising your case and making a strong impact on the reader. Furthermore, you should discuss it with a thought-provoking remark or a call to action that invites further discussion of the subject.

Step 9: Revise and Edit

After writing your argumentative essay on social media, give it a thorough revision and editing to ensure that it is grammatically correct, coherent, and clear. For this step, you should check your writing carefully, making sure that the argument flows logically and everything is on point.

In addition to this, asking for feedback from teachers, classmates or experts to get their variety of viewpoints is also a good idea. They offer argumentative essay help on social media and help you to make the required adjustments.

Step 10: Wrap up Your Essay

Make any last-minute edits, and make sure your essay complies with all formatting and citation guidelines once you've finished rewriting and editing it. Make sure your bibliography and citations are accurate and consistent by double-checking them. Your essay is prepared for submission or sharing with others once you're happy with it.

How Do You Write a Short Argumentative Essay on Social Media?

Writing an argumentative essay about social media involves making strong points and backing them up with evidence. Here's a simple guide to help you write a convincing essay. First, state your position clearly at the beginning and stick to it.

Next, gather relevant facts from research, experiments, or books. Then, organize your arguments from least to most important. Finally, summarise the key points of your essay. With these steps, you can create a compelling argumentative essay on social media.

What are Some Arguments About Social Media?

As we all know, social media is all about the interaction of different people together in an online place. It is where you all share your thoughts and information with an audience that you may not even know. So, due to the huge dependency of our youth on social media, there are many positive and negative arguments about it.

One of its advantages is that it facilitates easy access to any kind of data or information that you may require for your study, work or any other purpose. It keeps you updated with the recent events and news all the time and makes you more informed.

However, there are some negative arguments as well that you can discuss in your argumentative essay on social media. It mostly includes that its excessive use makes social media users highly addicted to using it. It disturbs your personal and professional life as well. The use of social media makes people lonelier and changes their attitude to a great extent.

Is Social Media Good or Bad Debate Essay?

The debate over whether social media is good or bad will go very far as there are both opposing and supporting arguments available on it. On one place where, it has many benefits; on the other side it also has many drawbacks.

While it enables communication and connection, it also poses risks to mental health causing anxiety, and can spread misinformation. The impact depends on how it's used and managed.

What are the 10 Positive Effects of Social Media?

The following are the top ten positive effects of social media on our society:

  1. Connecting and Bonding
  2. Expressing Yourself
  3. Being Compassionate
  4. Providing Help
  5. Improving Interaction
  6. Sharing Information
  7. Entrepreneurship
  8. Establishing Credibility
  9. Generating Interest
  10. Facilitating Education


Indeed, working on such a demanding, argumentative essay on social media is not everyone’s cup of tea. It demands through research, analytical and critical thinking skills and a strong communication. Here, you have to create and support your argument that spellbound the readers and engages them till the last moment. For this purpose, you just have to follow our step-by-step guide which will be enough to guide you throughout this difficult phase.

However, students struggling with these challenging tasks often get assistance with argumentative essays on social media from subject specialist professionals. These best essay writers assist students in making their essays incredible and also guarantee their success.

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